Welcome to the field . . .

Hillbilly Daylilies is located in Bunker Hill in the beautiful Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. We are a central location to Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The creation of Hillbilly Daylilies came in the spring of 2005 when we began planting thousands of daylilies one at a time. Bunker Hill locals watched the field curiously for almost a year as it grew bigger and brighter. In March of 2006, our sign with the signature hillbilly logo was finally placed above the rusty Fordson tractor to welcome customers at the driveway.

Specializing in Field Grown Daylilies

Here in USDA Zone 6, our peak bloom is the first half of July. We will not dig any plants after October 1st to ensure that the plants have enough time to become established before the ground freezes.

We appreciate your interest in Hillbilly Daylilies and hope to see you during the next bloom!